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Loss Prevention Services


DIGIOP is a software development company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on re-inventing the way retail and hospitality leverages video and data in their business.  Through a combination of innovative software development, intelligent integration of video and data, and world-class Loss Prevention auditing services, insight into the business have never been greater.   

DIGIOP solutions provide real-time and recorded video-enhanced business intelligence, extending the value of video well beyond the traditional surveillance benefits of risk management and security. By leveraging video with important data sources from the business, DIGIOP can provide greater knowledge on the key issues that are most indicative of loss.  In addition, DIGIOP combines this unique technology with a true “set of eyes” from our Loss Prevention professionals to conduct POS and Operational audits on the business.  The combination of these powerful tools produces real knowledge, cost-savings, and results for the business owner.